Being pregnant is a jubilant and ecstatic experience for every single woman out there, but to say that this entire journey is all roses or a smooth walk in the park would be certainly deceptive. Uncertainty is the one particular word that sums up the entire journey of developing a child. Sometimes, pregnant mothers feel like it is the most blissful and amazing time of their lives; however, while suffering from difficulties and complexities that this experience offers they claim that becoming a mother is not less than waking on a tight rope. Right from conception, a mother’s life starts changing evidently as along with body, soul, spirit, and approach to life also changes to a great extent. Yet it would not be wrong that a drastic change that occurs in women after conceiving a child is surely a core essence of this life-changing journey. Irrespective of odds and difficulties in life, pregnant women never misses the opportunity to become a doting and devoted mother to their child.

The instinctive feelings of profound and unconditional love that mothers have for their children are way beyond our expectations. From feeding the child to taking care of their all the needs and requirements; mothers ensure that their children get proper nourishment and development that is necessary for the early stages of childhood. Specifically, mothers are more likely to focus on breastfeeding their babies because it is the most important thing that allows the healthy growth of the child. For this reason, breast feeding in Dubai and in other parts of the world holds substantial importance in the eyes of doctors and mothers. There are some mothers who prefer giving powder milk to their babies because they are unaware of the fact that breastfeeding is beneficial for mothers as well as for babies. Some of the benefits of breastfeeding the child that every pregnant woman must know are mentioned below.

Builds stronger immunity of the child:

Having a strong immunity is exceedingly essential for all the newborn babies because it allows them to fight against harmful viruses and bacteria. However, feeding breast milk to your child can play a significant role in making them stronger and healthier.

Helps in reducing baby fat:

Mothers are more likely to maintain their pregnancy weight for a significant amount of time. However, breastfeeding is the one thing that can help mothers in reducing their weight to a great extent. Thus, all mothers should prefer feeding breast milk to their babies in order to keep them healthy and strong. Additionally, mothers can also hire Dubai nanny for ensuring better health of their child.